Welcome to the web page devoted to the Macintosh IIci, one the most successful and important Apple Macintosh computers ever made. I've provided the configuration and benchmarks of my Mac IIci; a photo-map of the motherboard; upgrade options and links to their manufacturers (including an exhaustive list of accelerators); links to vendors that sell used parts and upgrades and background information.

Providing free tech support to Mac IIci users since 1996

This page is for all you Macintosh IIci owners out there, and I know there's a lot of you. This is still a very useful machine for all kinds of chores - word processing, finances, research on or exploring the internet and even games.

I'm interested in hearing from you! You're welcome to ask me for IIci help, first of all. I'll answer if I can, or try to direct you to an appropriate website if not. I'd also like additions/suggestions for the FAQ, links to vendors of Mac parts and upgrades, IIci trivia, industry news, easter eggs, etc.


10/1/01 No news is good news! I've spruced up the site. It will probably be the last redesign, but don't worry, I'll continue to update the info here.

In order to appreciate the spartan design, keep in mind that this site is Netscape 3.0 and 640x480 friendly!

8/4/00 Ruben Brochner, Jr. has written a shareware program called "Born Again" which allows the IIci (and other older Macs) to run OS 8.1!

5/5/00 There have been quite a few Daystar Turbo 601's for sale on eBay lately. If you want the fastest cpu accelerator available for the IIci, head over and take a look. This will also allow you to use MacOS 8.x (see the Upgrades page for more info).

09/09/99 Celebrating ten years of Mac IIci's!!

4/13/98 Richard McConnell advised me that neither the Sonnet '040 accelerator or the Micromac '040 accelerator a can run in 24-bit mode, making them incompatible with older software.

4/1/98 Sonnet's '040 accelerator now supports OS 8.1.

1/19/98 All is quiet on the IIci front.

10/20/97 From Sonnet's website:

Sonnet Prestos will support System 8 at a future date (target November 1st). Sonnet must do extra work to support 030-based machines that Apple does not support with System 8. System 8 support for current Presto and Presto LC owners will be an upgrade. Anyone buying a Presto or Presto LC after July 26th will receive a software upgrade to System 8 compatibility.

10/13/97 Micromac has made it official. They will not be making the PowerBoy or Mac2PPC upgrade cards. Read the whole announcement on their update page.

10/8/97 Sonnet's latest ad in Macworld claims that their Presto '040 accelerator for the IIci will be updated to be compatible with MacOS 8 sometime in October.

10/1/97 Thanks to Alexander Rowland for this letter from Micromac:

To my knowledge there is no plans to offer a PowerPC upgrade for the Mac IIci. I know there were talks with Daystar to acquire their technology, but I believe nothing came of it. If we had such the option available, we would more than advertise it to our potential customers :)

MicroMac Sales

8/20/97 The consensus is that MacOS 8 will not work on a IIci even with an '040 processor upgrade. It will only work if you've got a Turbo 601 upgrade.

7/8/97 As of June 30, 1997, MediaVision is no longer supporting it's products (like the PAS-16 sound card). They are now known as Silicon Valley Technology. Their whole web site has moved and no longer contains the Macintosh (Nubus) support section. There is still a folder on the FTP site with the old drivers. See the Upgrade page for links.

6/17/97 Will the IIci with or without an accelerator run Mac OS 8? Apple and Macworld/Macuser say no; some people on the newsgroups say yes (one claims to have seen a Mac OS beta running on a IIsi and IIci). Anyone?

If you're using a Turbo 601 accelerator and OS 7.5.3, the computer's gestalt ID will be that of an '040 with a PPC accelerator - allowing you to install and run OS 8. Read all the details on the Turbo 601's Mac OS page.

6/17/97 Micromac has speed-bumped their '040 to 90mhz - on sale now at the 80mhz price. Micromac may also be making new, cheaper PPC 601 accelerators for the IIci (thanks to Steve Hanson for the tip).


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